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com has published new research report on “Global Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2017. Dallas, United States – August 3, 2017 — Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing technology with potential applications in many sectors of global economy namely healthcare, cosmetics, energy and agriculture among others. The technology is revolutionizing every industry while tremendously attracting […]

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Kevin James, Jackson Highsmith, and Paul Evers report the global market for nanoparticles in the life sciences is estimated at over $29. 8 billion by 2019, to register a healthy compound annual growth rate of 22%. The biggest increase will come in the area of drug delivery systems.
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The report covers the commercial potential of various nanotechnologies and includes information on segments of the nanotechnology market with the greatest commercial potential through 2015, future demand in these segments, and challenges that must be overcome for each segment to realize its potential of successful commercialization.
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Market research reports for nanotechnology and its impact on various industries. Nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanocomposites and nanoclays are all covered within these reports.
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The Nanotechnology category is comprised of reports that specifically focus on this rapidly evolving technology and growing market. Research reports look at nanotechnology as it impacts numerous industry segments.
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