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The problem of scale is unavoidable when talking about applying materials made in a laboratory into an industrial process. It’s one thing to make small transistors with submicron features, but what if you want to coat the entire surface of a jetliner with a conductive nanomaterial.     That’s the kind of problem Namiko Yamamoto is trying to solve.

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Aerospace Nanotechnology Market is segregated into space & defense, and commercial aviation. Aerospace Nanotechnology Market is expected to retain its position during the forecast period
Aerospace Nanotechnology Market,Aerospace Nanotechnology Market Size .

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Nanotechnology has a range of implications in the aerospace and defence industries. Areas that stand to benefit range from lighter, stronger aircraft materials, to functional, protective clothing through to rocket fuels.
sensory enhanced garments, camoflage, reflectivity, insulation, toxins, space stations, solar exploratory platforms, planetary exploratory platforms, .

Greener Aerospace With Nanotechnology

nanotube–reinforced polymer composites for lightweight aircraft fuselages that increase performance and passenger safety while saving significant money. The theoretical strength of a nanostructured aluminum alloy can be 100 times greater than ordinary alloys.


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